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Changing (In)Fertilities


Changing (In)Fertilities is organised around themed work packages, which are each coordinated by a member of the ReproSoc team. Each work package is centred around original qualitative research by the work package coordinator, examining the situated fertility transitions that are most relevant to their particular theme.

The work package coordinators are collecting data on changing perceptions and behaviours in relation to fertility and infertility. As well as providing rich, granular qualitative data, the findings from these research projects will contribute towards the project’s overarching aim to provide comparative insights into contemporary intersectional (in)fertilities.


The five work packages are:

Extended (In)Fertilities - Lucy van de Wiel

LGBTQ+ (In)Fertilities - Marcin Smietana

Extractive (In)Fertilities - Julieta Chaparro-Buitrago

(In)Fertile Environments - Katharine Dow

tbc - Sarah Franklin