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Changing (In)Fertilities



Sigrid Vertommen is working as a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Conflict and Development Studies at Ghent University. Previously, Sigrid worked as a research associate with ReproSoc at Cambridge University and as a Marie Curie fellow at the Department of Global Health and Social Medicine at King's College London. Sigrid’s work grapples with the feminist political economy of global fertility chains, with an empirical focus on the fertility chain between Israel/Palestine, Ukraine and Georgia. She is particularly interested in understanding women's role and position in the reproductive bio-economy as egg vendors and surrogates through the lens of reproductive labour.

This research builds further on Sigrid's PhD research on the political economy of assisted reproduction in Israel/Palestine, in which she addressed the multiple ways in which reproductive technologies, including IVF, Pergonal, child removals, sperm smuggling, egg donation and transnational surrogacy, have been imagined, materialised and coproduced in Israel/Palestine, at the crossroads of settler colonialism, biocapitalism and bio/necropolitics. 

Her work has been published in journals including BioSocieties, New Genetics and Society and Science as Culture, and edited volumes such as 'Mattering: Feminism, Science and Materialism' edited by Victoria Pitts-Taylor, 'Assisted reproduction in a European and globalized perspective: notes on the overall framework' edited by Nina Lykke and Merete Lie, 'Critical Kinship studies: Kinship (trans)formed' edited by Charlotte Kroløkke e.a.

Sigrid is currently writing her book manuscript on “Fertility Frontiers: Israel/Palestine through the lens of assisted reproductive technologies”, which will be published with Pluto Press.


Key publications: 


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Department of Conflict and Development Studies, Ghent University
 Sigrid  Vertommen
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