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Changing (In)Fertilities



I am a senior research associate in ReproSoc, and I joined the group as a research associate in 2014. I have conducted qualitative and ethnographic research with gay men who create families through surrogacy and adoption in the UK, US and Spain. I work from the perspectives of the sociology of reproduction, queer kinships, queer reproductive justice, as well as race and whiteness studies.

In 2018, I co-edited, with Prof. Charis Thompson (UC Berkeley), a volume of Reproductive BioMedicine and Society Online, 'Making Families: Transnational Surrogacy, Queer Kinship and Reproductive Justice,' where we argued for reading queer kinship from the perspective of stratified reproduction and reproductive justice. Currently, I am writing up an ethnography of domestic and transnational gay surrogacy in the US, Transatlantic Transactions: Gay Men, Surrogacy and Queer Reproductive Justice.

Since 2020, I have also been conducting an interview study with gay men who have pursued altruistic surrogacy in the UK or compensated surrogacy overseas. My current research is part of ReproSoc's collaborative grant Changing (In)Fertilities, led by Prof. Sarah Franklin and Prof. Marcia Inhorn, and funded by the Wellcome trust (2018-2022). Within this project, I coordinate the 'LGBTQ+ (In)Fertilities' work package that focuses on changing fertility behaviours and perceptions among queer people. 

This follows on from my previous ethnographic study of transnational and domestic surrogacy pursued by European and American gay men in the US. I carried out this study as a postdoc at UC Berkeley (2014-2016) and Cambridge (2016-2017), funded by the Marie Curie fellowship I received from the European Commission for the project SurroARTs.

Prior to that, my PhD dissertation (University of Barcelona, 2012) looked at the social inclusion of families created through transnational adoption and surrogacy by gay men in Spain. Since then I have been collaborating with the AFIN research group at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.  

In 2021-2022, I co-convene the interdisciplinary research network Global Conversations Towards Queer Social Justice, with Dr Hakan Sandal-Wilson (University of Cambridge) and Dr Natasha Tanna (University of York), and with the support of the Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (CRASSH) and lgbtQ+@cam. This builds on the conference 'Queering Authoritarianisms: Conflict, Resistance and Coloniality' we co-convened in 2021. Within this research network, I also draw on my earlier work on queer resistance to homophobic nationalisms, which I began as an undergrad student at the Jagiellonian University's Sociology Department in my native Kraków (Poland). I continue this work within the Reproductive Righteousness project in ReproSoc.

My interests and upcoming projects also turn towards multi-species reproductive justice, which includes relationships between species in human and nonhuman reproduction, queer ecologies and critical animal studies. 

Within the Sociology Department at Cambridge, I have been teaching on Sociology of Gender (Soc 10), Sociology of Health and Illness (Soc 13), Concepts and Arguments in Sociology (Soc 4), as well as within the MPhil in Health, Medicine and Society. I have been supervising and co-supervising undergraduate, MPhil and PhD dissertations on reproductive technologies, reproductive justice, LGBTQ+ families and queer kinships, the politics of sexuality and race, and species and veganism.

Since 2016, I have been running an online community forum called Surrogacy Researchers, which I set up in order to gather together people doing surrogacy research across the globe. It currently includes 120 scholars from all over the world and it provides a forum for ongoing discussion and exchange. If you do any research related to surrogacy, do join in!


Key publications: 

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'Creating a Positive, Inclusive and Kind Research Culture'. By University of Cambridge Postdoc Academy, 10 Dec 2021.

Surrogacy and Reproductive Justice'. With Dr Sarojini Nadimpally (Sama New Delhi) and Dr Mindy Jane Roseman (Yale University), by Sexual and Reproductive Health Matters, 30 Nov 2021.

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