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Changing (In)Fertilities



Dr Mwenza Blell is a Rutherford Fellow affiliated to Health Data Research UK, a Newcastle University Academic Track Fellow, a Grant Researcher at Tampere University, a Visiting Fellow at Helsinki University, and a Changing (In)Fertilities Project Researcher. She is a biosocial medical anthropologist and among her interests are health data-driven research and technological development, particularly the socio-political contexts in which new health data technologies and ethical and governance infrastructures are situated. She is currently carrying out research on several major health data-related projects including the Horizon 2020-funded EU-Canada collaborative EUCAN-Connect project about health data innovation and personalized medicine, the Finnish Kone Foundation-funded 'Technology, Ethics and Reproduction: Controversy in the Era of Normalisation' project, UK-based Connected Health Cities Programme's Great North Care Record, a health and social care data sharing infrastructure, and the UK-based ESRC, MRC, and Wellcome Trust-funded METADAC (Managing Ethico-social, Technical and Administrative issues in Data ACcess) project, a health research data sharing governance system, and, last but not least, an arts-based project about the use of AI and machine learning in public health care entitled Escaping Data Driven Dystopias.


Key publications: 

2019  N. Toorabally, C.H. Mercer, K.R. Mitchell, M. Blell, F. Burns, R.Gilson, J. McGregor-Read, S. Allan, A. De Ruiter, R, Dhairyawan, J. Fox, Y. Gilleece, R. Jones, N. Mackie, S. Obeyesekera, F. Post, I. Reeves, M. Rosenvinge, J. Ross, L. Sarner, A. Sullivan, A. Tariq, A.Ustianowski, C.A. Sabin & S. Tariq. Association of HIV status with sexual function in women aged 45–60 in England: results from two national surveys, AIDS Care, DOI: 10.1080/09540121.2019.1653436

2019  M. Blell and M.A. Hunter. Direct-to-consumer genetic testing's red herring: 'Genetic ancestry' and personalized medicine.  (invited contribution to a special issue) Frontiers in Medicine doi: 10.3389/fmed.2019.00048
2017   M. Blell.  British Pakistani Muslim masculinity, (in)fertility, and the clinical encounter. Medical Anthropology (invited contribution to a special issue) 36(8). DOI: 10.1080/01459740.2017.1364736

2015   M. Blell.  Menopausal symptoms among British Pakistani women: a critique of the standard checklist approach.  Menopause: The Journal of The North American Menopause Society 22(1): 79-87.

2014    K. Hampshire, N. Iqbal, M. Blell, and R. Simpson. The interview as narrative ethnography: seeking and shaping connections in qualitative research. International Journal of Social Research Methodology 17(3): 215-231.

2012    K. Hampshire, M. Blell, and R. Simpson. 'Everybody is moving on': Infertility, relationality and the aesthetics of family among British-Pakistani Muslims. Social Science & Medicine 74(7): 1045–1052.

2012    K. Hampshire, M. Blell, and R. Simpson. Navigating new socio-demographic landscapes: using anthropological demography to understand the persistence of high and early fertility among British Pakistanis. European Journal of Population 28(1): 39-63. 

The School of Geography, Politics and Sociology, Newcastle University
 Mwenza  Blell
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