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Changing (In)Fertilities



Professor Guangxiu Lu's research focuses on stem cells and reproductive medicine, and she is one of the pioneers in the field of ART. Many 'China Firsts' appeared in her lab, such as the first human frozen sperm bank, the first baby born with frozen semen and the first test tube baby born with a donated embryo. She applied these reproductive techniques to treating infertile couples and made her lab one of the leading reproductive and genetic medical centers in China. Moreover, she made great progress in stem cell research. Professor Lu is the director of National Research & Engineering Center of Human Stem Cells. She is current Professor and the director of the Institute of Reproductive & Stem Cell Engineering of Central South University, and the president of CITIC-Xiangya Reproduction & Genetic Hospital.

Institute of Reproductive & Stem Cell Engineering, Central South University; National Engineering & Research Center of Human Stem Cells, Changsha, Hunan, China
 Guangxiu  Lu
Not available for consultancy